All of our collectable prints are limited editions, signed on the verso and shipped with a certificate of authenticity.  With the exception of the Other group, they are organized into various series, each with a unifying theme. 

Images in the Allegory Series concern moral and spiritual matters.  The Forces of Nature Series includes images based on myth and legend.  Both these series employ photo-collage and are thus extensively digitally altered.  The backgrounds often employ images from the Hubble Space Telescope, with the particular source clearly acknowledged in the accompanying certificate of authenticity. 

The Seven Deadly Sins Series is a subset of the Allegory Series and explores visual representation of the sins and employs the color traditionally associated with each sin, red for anger, orange for gluttony, blue for lust, light blue for sloth, yellow for greed, green for envy and violet for vanity.  Each set is built around a particular model or group of models and they are offered only as complete sets.  Many of the images are digitally modified.

The Singlet and Torso Series are conceptually abstract.  They are studies of the body without reference to the personality of the individual model.  In the Singlet Series, in fact, nearly all of the images are cropped to exclude the face of the model, though, when purchased, a 5x7 portrait is included.  The Singlet Series is offered primarily in triptych sets, but both series include sets, as well as some single images.  Digital modification is employed on occasion in the Torso Series images.

In the Character Series, the models are presented as character types. The Warrior Series is a subset.  The Bodybuilding Series includes artistic images of competitive bodybuilders, while the Nudes are figure studies of some of the models who are comfortable with nude posing.  There are nudes also in the Floral Series, images that include floral elements as well as in other series.

Sports is a recent addition that are poster sized photo-collages built around models who compete or have competed in the sports represented.  So far, we've done Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with Ben Sargent, Football with Todd Tinsley, Baseball with Andrew Maddox, Rugby with Ian Hanley and Bodybuilding with Gar Siegla.  A poster on Street Ball with Jake Miller is now posted -- real happy with this one.

Finally, the Other category includes some photo-collage works that do not fit easily into a series, as well as some particularly interesting and artistic images of the models taken from their portfolio development shoots.

The images presented here are a representative sample of the work. Also, all galleries that include full frontal nudity are password protected. If you are interested in learning more about any of them, owning any of them, or seeing other examples, please use the Contact Us, page and, for restricted galleries, provide age verification.  We will reply promptly and appreciate your interest.