Migs Featured. Roberto Abat Guerro, Kush Mehta, Morgan Clark and Elaina Carrera Coming Soon

Very pleased to Feature an amazing up and coming fitness and fashion model, Migs, for October and part of November.. Check out this guy’s look and interview. Very cool.

We shot Josh Miller’s NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships last month and had a chance to shoot both Morgan Clark and Elaina Carrera as they were competing. We’ll be including some of their contest shots when we post them next year. We also did a workout shoot with Morgan and there’s a preview on the Portfolio Page. Great guy. Terrific model.

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Derek Logan Featured. Roberto Abat Guerro, Kush Mehta, Migs, Morgan Clark and Elaina Carrera Coming Soon

We had a great time shooting Keven Whaley’s River City Classic NBA Competition last month. We me some great competitors and the pleasure of working with one of them shortly after the show. Elaina Carrera is a successful trainer, mom and NGA Bikini Competitor. A shot of Elaina is in the Portfolio and she will be featured here soon. Toward the end of the month, we will be working with another NGA Promoter, Josh Miller at his show in Lexington, KY. Expect to see Elaina there as well.

This month’s Featured Model is Derek Logan. He was featured here earlier, but we shot with him again recently, the day before he competed in the NPC Kentucky State/Open. There he took two seconds and a first in Physique and he looks fantastic. Check out his interview and look over the new images that are the last group on his page.

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Thom Pasmore Featured. Roberto Abat Guerro, Kush Mehta, Migs, and Morgan Clark Coming Soon.

We’re happy to be featuring Thom Pasmore this month, an experienced model based in Fort Lauderdale. He’s versatile and very comfortable in front of the camera, so contact us if you have an interest. Enjoy his interview and photos. Also excited to say we had a second shoot with Eric Landrum, who was featured here not long ago. We will be updating his page with some amazing new images. Oli Clay worked with us recently in Bermuda, so look for some additional images of Oli coming up as well. We’re also very happy to have shot Morgan Clark recently. He’s an avid trainer aiming to compete in the NGA this Fall. Finally, later this month we’ll be shooting the River City Classic NGA show in Louisville. Shots from that show will be on the Musclehead Graphics page at Facebook. if you use it, like us on there as we’re posting competition shots and modeling shots from 2003 on — interesting walk down memory lane.

Doug Ludmann Featured. Lean Torso 2018 Published. Roberto Abat Guerro, Kush Mehta, Thom Pasmore and Migs Coming Soon.

Our Featured Model this month is NGA Physique and Classic Physique competitor, Doug Ludmann. He is a natural pro in both competition categories and trains like a mad man. He is perfect for any shooting situation needing a mature, super fit model, so contact us if you’re interested in working with him. Looking at what’s coming up, previews of two new models are in the Portfolio, Thom Pasmore and Migs. Thom is an experienced model, living in Florida. He’s at ease in front of the camera and is comfortable shooting nudes. We had a really nice shoot and he’ll post soon. Migs is an NGA Pro Classic Physique competitor with an unbelievable look. We’ll be working with him again and featuring him soon, so stay tuned. This guy is killer. Finally, we’ve settled on a shot of Austin Morgan for Lean Physique 2018. Check it out on the Torso Page in the Prints section. Thanks for stopping by.

Eric Landrum Featured. Doug Ludmann, Robert Abat Guerro and Kush Mehta Coming Soon

Due to travel and other obligations, we missed an update for May. To make up for it, we are featuring one of our all time favorite models, Eric Landrum. Eric is a bodybuilder and multi-talented athlete, having played professional football and working presently as a volleyball coach. He’s a musician and writer as well. In modeling, he brings a great look and powerful physique to the shoot and works with ease and professionalism. We believe he’s got a great future in this and think you will agree when you see his portfolio. Coming up in a few months is Kush Mehta, an avid trainer with a lean, sleek and defined physique and an arresting look. He’s previewed on the Portfolio Page. Finally, David Success44, who was featured last month recently posted some shots from a shoot in Brazil. He is looking great — no surprise there.

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David Success44 Featured. Roberto Abat Guerra, Doug Ludmann, Eric Landrum Coming Soon

We’re featuring David Success44 from Brazil this month — awesome model with a great future. Hope to work with him again in Sao Paolo. Two new models were added to the Musclehead Graphics group over the past couple of months. Doug Ludmann is a totally amazing physique competitor, over forty and looking more like thirty. Fanatical trainer and it shows. Eric Landrum is a natural bodybuilder, planning to compete again later this year. We shot him at the Monster Mash last year and look forward to an ongoing series of shoots, tracking his progress. Super talented in front of the camera and in many other ways as well. He’s a writer, singer and coaches women’s volleyball. Both these guys are previewed in the Portfolio Page.

Jontai McQueen Featured. David Success44 and Roberto Abat Guerra Coming Soon

We’re featuring Jontai McQueen this month. He’s a fantastic competitor in both bodybuilding and physique and frequently does fitness runs as well. If all that weren’t enough, Jontia has a successful construction business as well. Enjoy his shots and interview.

We recently shot with Roberto Abat Guerra and will post him later this year. We met him at a competition a couple years back and finally connected to begin his modeling portfolio. This guy has a killer look. There’s a preview on the Portfolio Page, so check it out.

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Look Back

For January, the Featured Model page includes all of the guys we shot in 2018. Enjoy this look back and next month, we’ll be featuring David Success44. Happy New Year.

Derek Logan Featured. Jontai McQueen and David Success44 Coming Soon.

We’re pleased to close out 2018 with Derek Logan as the featured model. We first shot Derek at a natural competition where he did physique and won his class. Most of the shots here are from an off season shoot, but we’ve included a couple from his show. He’s an experienced competitor and fitness/fashion model and we will be working with him again. Jontai McQueen is another natural competitor who did well in a tough class at the NGA Nationals earlier this year. David Success44 is from Brazil and has a great look. Both these guys will be featured early in 2019 and they appear on the Musclehead Graphics 2019 Calendar. It’s available here. They are also previewed in the Portfolio.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays.

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Jacob Stone Featured. Derek Logan and Jontai McQueen Coming Soon

The first Musclehead Graphics Calendar for 2019 is available here and it features some of the great bodybuilders we’ve shot over the years. Check it out.

We’re featuring Jacob Stone this month. He’s done one competition and we met him there. A shoot followed and we’re sure there will be others. He has real potential as a fitness and fashion model at six feet tall with good features. Enjoy his interview and photos. Derek Logan is another competitor who does physique. We met at a show. His was an off season shoot. He’s got a great look and will post soon. Jontai McQueen is also a competitor in both physique and bodybuilding. A natural athlete with a lot of experience, he will be in a national show in Florida later this month.

Arnold Arnett Featured, Jacob Stone Coming Soon

We are featuring Arnold Arnett this months. These shots were taken last year and he has take a break from modeling. Hope he returns soon as he’s a talented model.

Check in next month to see Jacob Stone’s images. We shot him at Josh Millers spring NGA show and worked with him in the studio a few months after.

Had a great time working with competitors at the NGA Pro Am Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships last month. Hope to work with some of them in the future.

Thanks for stopping by.

Austin Morgan Featured. Arnold Arnett and Jacob Stone Coming Soon

It's a pleasure to feature Austin Morgan this month.  He is new to modeling and has a terrific look with a lean, chiseled physique and striking features.  Working with Austin is a pleasure, both at competitions and in the studio.  Recently we shot him at the inaugural River City Classic NGA show in Louisville, KY and had shot with him before at Josh Miller's NGA show earlier this year.  We hope to see him again at the NGA Pro/Am  Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships later this month.  Check out this shots and interview and thanks for stopping by.

Jared Hopf Featured. Arnold Arnett, Austin Morgan and Jacob Stone Coming Soon

We are very pleased to feature an amazing bodybuilder, Jared Hopf.  That this man will be an IFBB Pro seems pretty much inevitable.  It's only a matter of when he decides to do it.  He's taken a break from intense training over the past year, but, as these photos show, looks awesome anyway.  We will be working with him again, tracking his progress, so stay tuned for more from this rising star.  Jacob stone we shot at the NGA Kentucky Natural Pro Am show earlier this year.  There's a preview on the Portfolio page.  Looking forward to the River City Natural Classic later this month in Louisville.  Austin Morgan, who will be featured here soon, is competing and we had a great follow-up shoot with him last month.  He is looking great, still very lean, but with a bit more size.  Wonderful model.  Thanks for stopping by.

Dusty Tailored Featured. Arnold Arnett, Austin Morgan and Jared Hopf Coming Soon.

Dusty Tailored is featured this month.  We met Dusty through a modeling site and worked with him a couple months ago.  Cool guy and a very good model.  We're working on a second shoot with Austin MOrgan and will post him soon.  Very excited to say that bodybuilder Jared Hopf was in the MHG Studio recently, totally incredible competitor and a great model.  Preview is on the Portfolio page.  This guy is killer.  Can't wait to work with him again.  Thanks for stopping by.

Medo Nour Featured. Arnold Arnett, Dusty Tailored and Austin Morgan Coming Soon

We are excited to bring you Medo Nour as our Featured Model for July 2018.  Based in Florida, Medo, who also goes as Maximus Nour, is a massage therapist and a successful bodybuilder and classic physique competitor.  He is totally natural in his approach to competition and has excelled in the four shows he has already done.  He plans to compete again later this year.  He is amazing in front of the camera with great instincts.  If you are interested in working with Medo, hit Contact Us.  Last month we worked with a terrific new model, Austin Morgan, just before his first competition, Josh Miller's NGA Kentucky Natural Classic.  He'll post later this year and there is a preview on the Portfolio Page -- great look.  Thanks for stopping by.

Connor Bennett Featured. Arnold Arnette, Medo Nour and Dusty Tailored Coming Soon

Connor Bennett is featured this month -- cool guy with a great look.  Competition is not in his plans as he's too busy with school and other obligations, but he's a terrific model and looking for opportunities.  We worked last month with Dusty Tailored and will be featuring him later this summer.  Experienced model.  There's a preview in the Portfolio.  Promoted by Josh Miller, we'll be shooting the Kentucky Natural Classic later this month and look forward to working with some great competitors.  Thanks for stopping by.

Seth Parker Featured. Arnold Arnette, Connor Bennett and Medo Nour Coming Soon

Our Featured Model this month has an amazing story to tell.  Seth Parker has undergone an astounding transformation from being seriously overweight to prepping for a bodybuilding competition.  Check out his images and interview.  Medo Nour is also prepping and will be doing a show later this month.  Coming soon is Connor Bennett, a college student and aspiring fitness and fashion model.  Great, great look.  There's a preview in the Portfolio Gallery.  Thanks for stopping by.

Brannon Lawson Featured. David Armstrong, Arnold Arnett and Seth Parker Coming Soon

Brannon Lawson is featured this month.  He's an NPC Physique Competitor with a cool look and a great attitude.  We'll be working with him again later this year, so look for an update then.  We worked with a really promising new model, Seth Parker, in January.  He has an amazing transformation story to tell and is well on his way to competing in bodybuilding.  There's a preview of him on the Portfolio Page.  Lean Torso 2017 is now available for purchase and can be seen in the Torso Page in Fine Art Prints.  Killer image.

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