Jacob Stone Featured. Derek Logan and Jontai McQueen Coming Soon

The first Musclehead Graphics Calendar for 2019 is available here and it features some of the great bodybuilders we’ve shot over the years. Check it out.

We’re featuring Jacob Stone this month. He’s done one competition and we met him there. A shoot followed and we’re sure there will be others. He has real potential as a fitness and fashion model at six feet tall with good features. Enjoy his interview and photos. Derek Logan is another competitor who does physique. We met at a show. His was an off season shoot. He’s got a great look and will post soon. Jontai McQueen is also a competitor in both physique and bodybuilding. A natural athlete with a lot of experience, he will be in a national show in Florida later this month.

Arnold Arnett Featured, Jacob Stone Coming Soon

We are featuring Arnold Arnett this months. These shots were taken last year and he has take a break from modeling. Hope he returns soon as he’s a talented model.

Check in next month to see Jacob Stone’s images. We shot him at Josh Millers spring NGA show and worked with him in the studio a few months after.

Had a great time working with competitors at the NGA Pro Am Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships last month. Hope to work with some of them in the future.

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Austin Morgan Featured. Arnold Arnett and Jacob Stone Coming Soon

It's a pleasure to feature Austin Morgan this month.  He is new to modeling and has a terrific look with a lean, chiseled physique and striking features.  Working with Austin is a pleasure, both at competitions and in the studio.  Recently we shot him at the inaugural River City Classic NGA show in Louisville, KY and had shot with him before at Josh Miller's NGA show earlier this year.  We hope to see him again at the NGA Pro/Am  Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships later this month.  Check out this shots and interview and thanks for stopping by.

Jared Hopf Featured. Arnold Arnett, Austin Morgan and Jacob Stone Coming Soon

We are very pleased to feature an amazing bodybuilder, Jared Hopf.  That this man will be an IFBB Pro seems pretty much inevitable.  It's only a matter of when he decides to do it.  He's taken a break from intense training over the past year, but, as these photos show, looks awesome anyway.  We will be working with him again, tracking his progress, so stay tuned for more from this rising star.  Jacob stone we shot at the NGA Kentucky Natural Pro Am show earlier this year.  There's a preview on the Portfolio page.  Looking forward to the River City Natural Classic later this month in Louisville.  Austin Morgan, who will be featured here soon, is competing and we had a great follow-up shoot with him last month.  He is looking great, still very lean, but with a bit more size.  Wonderful model.  Thanks for stopping by.

Dusty Tailored Featured. Arnold Arnett, Austin Morgan and Jared Hopf Coming Soon.

Dusty Tailored is featured this month.  We met Dusty through a modeling site and worked with him a couple months ago.  Cool guy and a very good model.  We're working on a second shoot with Austin MOrgan and will post him soon.  Very excited to say that bodybuilder Jared Hopf was in the MHG Studio recently, totally incredible competitor and a great model.  Preview is on the Portfolio page.  This guy is killer.  Can't wait to work with him again.  Thanks for stopping by.

Medo Nour Featured. Arnold Arnett, Dusty Tailored and Austin Morgan Coming Soon

We are excited to bring you Medo Nour as our Featured Model for July 2018.  Based in Florida, Medo, who also goes as Maximus Nour, is a massage therapist and a successful bodybuilder and classic physique competitor.  He is totally natural in his approach to competition and has excelled in the four shows he has already done.  He plans to compete again later this year.  He is amazing in front of the camera with great instincts.  If you are interested in working with Medo, hit Contact Us.  Last month we worked with a terrific new model, Austin Morgan, just before his first competition, Josh Miller's NGA Kentucky Natural Classic.  He'll post later this year and there is a preview on the Portfolio Page -- great look.  Thanks for stopping by.

Connor Bennett Featured. Arnold Arnette, Medo Nour and Dusty Tailored Coming Soon

Connor Bennett is featured this month -- cool guy with a great look.  Competition is not in his plans as he's too busy with school and other obligations, but he's a terrific model and looking for opportunities.  We worked last month with Dusty Tailored and will be featuring him later this summer.  Experienced model.  There's a preview in the Portfolio.  Promoted by Josh Miller, we'll be shooting the Kentucky Natural Classic later this month and look forward to working with some great competitors.  Thanks for stopping by.

Seth Parker Featured. Arnold Arnette, Connor Bennett and Medo Nour Coming Soon

Our Featured Model this month has an amazing story to tell.  Seth Parker has undergone an astounding transformation from being seriously overweight to prepping for a bodybuilding competition.  Check out his images and interview.  Medo Nour is also prepping and will be doing a show later this month.  Coming soon is Connor Bennett, a college student and aspiring fitness and fashion model.  Great, great look.  There's a preview in the Portfolio Gallery.  Thanks for stopping by.

Brannon Lawson Featured. David Armstrong, Arnold Arnett and Seth Parker Coming Soon

Brannon Lawson is featured this month.  He's an NPC Physique Competitor with a cool look and a great attitude.  We'll be working with him again later this year, so look for an update then.  We worked with a really promising new model, Seth Parker, in January.  He has an amazing transformation story to tell and is well on his way to competing in bodybuilding.  There's a preview of him on the Portfolio Page.  Lean Torso 2017 is now available for purchase and can be seen in the Torso Page in Fine Art Prints.  Killer image.

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Year in Review

The Featured Model section for January is a look back at the models we shot in 2017 -- quite a crew.  The shots are all new and are in a larger format, so have a look and enjoy.

Lean Torso 2017

It's time to select the image for Lean Torso 2017.  Go to the folder, Lean Torso 2017 in the Fine Arts Prints section and contact us with your preference, KB or JG.

Cory Holbrook Featured, Brannon Lawson, Arnold Arnett and David Armstrong Coming Soon

Excited to be featuring former MMA fighter and future bodybuilder Cory Holbrook for December.  This guy's got a killer look and a bright future in both modeling and bodybuilding.  Check out his interview and contact us for more information about him and his availability.  Looking forward, we had a good shoot with experienced model Arnold Arnett and he'll post soon, ditto David Armstrong, a competitive bodybuilder looking towards a pro card.  Great look on both these guys and there are previews in the Portfolio Gallery.  

The Models of Musclehead Graphics 2016

The Models of Musclehead Graphics 2016 is now available here.  Have a look.  We shot some incredible models last year and the portfolio includes some of their best shots.  Also, there are two 2018 calendars now available, one with the models we shot in 2017 and a second that is all Charlie Williams.  Check them out here.

Brandon Townsend Featured. Cory Holbrook and Brannon Lawson Coming Soon

We're featuring a new face this month, Brandon Townsend.  He's an aspiring model and actor with a lean, muscular physique.  He'll be competing in Physique down the road.  Check out his shots and interview.  Cory Holbrook will be posted soon -- former MMA fighter and an aspiring fitness model with a great look.  We shot two shows last month, Josh Millers NGA Pro Am in Lexington and Brent Jones' NPC/IFBB Kentucky Muscle in Louisville.  There were fantastic competitors in both these events and we hope to work with some of them in the coming months.  Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

Charlie Williams Featured. Brandon Townsend, Brannon Lawson and Cory Holbrook Coming Soon

This month we are honored to feature a rising star in NPC bodybuilding, Charlie Williams.  He barely missed getting his pro-card in Pittsburgh a few weeks back, but he will get one sooner or later and you can bet on it.  He's totally dedicated to this and naturally gifted.  Check out his gallery.  It's astounding.  We've just today shot another great talent, Cory Holbrook and will be posting him soon.  Cory was an MMA fighter for a while, then shifted to bodybuilding.  I think he's a natural for Classic Physique and will be a terrific fitness model as well.  Kyle Bias also was in the Musclehead Graphics studio recently and is looking fantastic -- super lean and ripped with some additional mass evident as well.  We'll be updating his page soon.  Kyle is competing in his first NGA show this month and should do very well.  That's it for now and thanks for stopping by.

Brian Parker Featured, Charlie Williams, Brandon Townsend, Brannon Lawson Coming Soon

We are pleased to feature a very experienced and talented model, Brian Parker this month.  Enjoy his portfolio and interview and consider working with him.  He is versatile and easy in the shooting situation.  We had a great time shooting Josh Miller's NGA show in Owensboro, KY last month and look forward to his show in Lexington in October.  Also coming up in October is Brent Jones' huge Kentucky Muscle in Louisville.  We'll be there backstage.  Next month, we will feature Charlie Williams, an amazing competitive bodybuilder whose portfolio is a knock out.  We've added another shot from his session to the Portfolio page, so check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

Kyle Bias Featured. Charlie Williams, Brian Parker, Brannon Lawson Coming Soon

We've worked with a great many outstanding models over the years, but every now and then something clicks and you know you've got a unique collaboration in play.  That was the case with Kyle Bias, who is featured this month.  Kyle is a passionate personal trainer, passionate Classic Physique Competitor and passionate model.  He approaches everything he does with an amazing level of commitment and enthusiasm.  As a result, working with him is a blast.  Check out his interview and pics.  The interview reveals that he is a highly intelligent, articulate and thoughtful guy and the pics speak for themselves.  This is a star in front of the camera.  There will be much more from Kyle, so stay tuned.

Ross Brown Featured. Brannon Lawson, Kyle Bias, Brian Parker, Brandon Townsend and Charlie Williams Coming Soon

Very happy to be featuring Ross Brown this month.  With his classically handsome face and great physique, we think he's got outstanding prospects as a fitness and fashion model.  Enjoy his photos and interview.  

June was a fantastic month at Musclehead Graphics in that we shot four new models.  Kyle Bias is a Classic Physique competitor and personal trainer with a beautifully proportioned physique and an amazing natural presence in front of the camera.  We've shot a great many models over the years, but some just stand out and Kyle is one of those.  A second shoot is already on the calendar.  Brian Parker is an experienced fashion and fine art model who will be featured later this year.  It was a pleasure working with him.  Brandon Townsend is new to modeling and is considering competing in Physique at an upcoming NGA show.  He's been in contact with Josh Miller about that and we look forward to working with him in that context as well.  Finally, we were privileged to work with an astounding bodybuilder, Charlie Williams.  We spent a day and a half shooting in the studio and outdoors and got amazing material.  This is an IFBB Pro in the making, having won the overall at the Mike Francois, followed by an overall win at Junior Nationals in Charleston South Carolina shortly there after.  He will feature here soon.  Previews of these four cool guys are in the portfolio.  

As always, thanks for stopping by and contact us with feedback or questions about any of these models.

Patrick Roddy Featured, Ross Brown, Brannon Lawson Coming Soon. Jamie Griffin Keeping Busy

Patrick Roddy is an NPC Classic Physique competitor and banking executive who is giving modeling a try.  The studio images here are from his first professional shoot and, as is evident, he's got a great look.  We hope he keeps at it and will be shooting with him again, if he does. MHG Model Jamie Griffin has been busy in the studio with some great photographers and we worked with again a month or so ago.  Look for some limited edition prints of this great model soon.  We've got shoots scheduled with some outstanding models over the next couple of months, so stay tuned.  Thanks for stopping by.