Branden Channel Featured. Gryphon Fitt, Jared Allen, Kenny Durham and Halie Calhoun Coming Soon

Usually, we update our Featured Model at the first of the month, but travel prevented an update at the beginning of April.  We don't feel too bad about that, though, since the amazing Jesse Daniels was featured in March and we are now Featuring Brendan Channel.  Given the quality of these two guys, it seem OK to us that both of them are featured here for more like a month and a half as both of them are rising stars. 

Branden is one of the most versatile models we've shot -- totally comfortable in front of the camera, he exudes confidence and style.  At present, he's pulled back some from modeling as he was in such demand that it was preventing progress on his other career goals.  That said, he is still available on a selective basis, so contact us here if you are interested in working with him.  

Coming soon is Gryphon Fitt -- super look and a lot of talent and Jared Allen, an amazing bodybuilder.  Also, we just shot with NPC Physique competitor, Kenny Durham and his beautiful girlfriend, Halie Calhoun, an NPC Bikini competitor.  We'll be shoot both of them again, backstage at Brent Jones' Derby Classic on April 30.  You'll be seeing both of them here later this year.  

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