Ross Brown Featured. Brannon Lawson, Kyle Bias, Brian Parker, Brandon Townsend and Charlie Williams Coming Soon

Very happy to be featuring Ross Brown this month.  With his classically handsome face and great physique, we think he's got outstanding prospects as a fitness and fashion model.  Enjoy his photos and interview.  

June was a fantastic month at Musclehead Graphics in that we shot four new models.  Kyle Bias is a Classic Physique competitor and personal trainer with a beautifully proportioned physique and an amazing natural presence in front of the camera.  We've shot a great many models over the years, but some just stand out and Kyle is one of those.  A second shoot is already on the calendar.  Brian Parker is an experienced fashion and fine art model who will be featured later this year.  It was a pleasure working with him.  Brandon Townsend is new to modeling and is considering competing in Physique at an upcoming NGA show.  He's been in contact with Josh Miller about that and we look forward to working with him in that context as well.  Finally, we were privileged to work with an astounding bodybuilder, Charlie Williams.  We spent a day and a half shooting in the studio and outdoors and got amazing material.  This is an IFBB Pro in the making, having won the overall at the Mike Francois, followed by an overall win at Junior Nationals in Charleston South Carolina shortly there after.  He will feature here soon.  Previews of these four cool guys are in the portfolio.  

As always, thanks for stopping by and contact us with feedback or questions about any of these models.