About Musclehead Graphics

Musclehead Graphics provides portfolio development services to athletes and models and produces limited edition fine art prints.  We frequently shoot bodybuilding competitions and occasionally mixed martial arts events.  In both settings, we provide a backstage studio as well as images from out front.  Competition images are password protected and sold through our SmugMug site.  The url is, www,muscleheadgraphics.smugmug.com.  Contact us here for passwords if you want to see these images,  Limited edition fine art prints we sell directly to collectors, occasionally, at auction.  If you are interested in developing a portfolio or in purchasing prints, please visit the contact us page. 

About the Site

The images here are examples of the kind of work we do.  For the models, the images are offered in two groups, Fitness Models and Other Models.  Most all of our models are avid trainers in fantastic shape, but those in the Fitness Models group are people who compete in Bodybuilding or Physique classes or are MMA fighters.  The Featured Model is a recent client with a particularly good look, or someone so terrific we wanted to bring him or her back. The model portfolios rotate now and then, so please check back.  If a model is of interest to you, either as a model with whom you'd like to work, or because you would like to own images, use the contact us page to inquire. 

Among the outstanding models we have had the privilege to shoot are bodybuilders IFBB Pro Richard Tricky Jackson, Zack Buckeye, Gymbo Collins, Joe Daniels, Tommy Jeffers, Sam Ross, Charlie Williams and Dave Fisch.  Physique competitors include Austin Roush, Cory Mason, Jason Green, Cameron Fraser and NGA Pros Josh Miller and Ross Brown.  Mixed Martial Arts fighters include Ben Sergent and Cody Smith. Other models include Oli Clay, Aaron Hilliard, Ray Luis and Jeremiah Alexander England.  We are pleased to have worked with bodybuilding competition promoters Gene Goode, Gail N Ray Atkinson, Tricky Jackson,  L. Brent Jones, Sandy and Roger Riedeger, Melissa and Josh Miller and with MMA promoter Tommy Ray Cornett.

Thanks for visiting.  Feedback is always appreciated, so please use the contact us function and let us know what you think.