This month, we feature Brannon Lawson.  We met and first shot him at Brent Jones' Derby bodybuilding competition last year where he was entered in Physique.  A portfolio shoot followed and we worked with him again at the Kentucky Muscle.  An update is in the works for later this year.  He's a cool guy and a good model.  Contact us if you're interested in working with him.

Brannon's Vitals:

Height: 5.8", Weight: 170, Chest: 43, Waist: 32, Shoe: 9.5, Nudes: No, Location: KY

Interview with this Month’s Featured Model:  Brannon Lawson

How did you get into modeling?

I started competing in Bodybuilding in 2016 which led to a photo shoot with the photographer at my first competition.

What are your goals in the profession? Do you see it as a full-time occupation or an avocation?

My goals are to become a professional bodybuilder and make fitness a career through modeling and coaching/training others.

Looking as good as you do isn't easy. What are your training methods?

My training consists of weight training 5-6 days a week. I also incorporate cardio anywhere from 30-60 minutes a day as much as 5 days a week depending on whether I’m competing or in off-season developing more muscle.

How about diet?

My diet varies quite a bit between off-season growth and prepping for a competition but what does stay the same is that I stick to a whole food mostly organic diet year around. During contest prep I lower carbs and fat content significantly.

Do you plan to compete in bodybuilding or fitness shows or have you already?

As stated above I have competed and plan to continue since I have found such a love for the sport.

How do you kick back and relax?

Honestly the gym is relaxing to me in a way but outside of that I’m pretty social and love just hanging out with friends.

How about some favorites?

Singer/Musician or Group:

Gosh this is a hard one…I’m definitely a music lover and have a wide range of taste but I’m a rocker by heart. Don’t know that I can pick just one so a few off the top of my head are Nirvana, Five Finger Death Punch and Smile Empty Soul.


Dewayne Johnson (The Rock)


Selena Gomez


Oh Brother Where Art Thou


This changes weekly sometimes daily but currently “The Hunger” by Of Mice and Men


Not much of a reader….think I’ve only read 2 complete books and both were for school. Elementary school “Where the Red Fern Grows” and College “Tuesdays with Morrie”

How would you state your most important value in life?

I would day learning to find happiness within yourself is the most important value in life. I feel like if you can find true happiness within yourself all other values and morality will fall in to place.

Thanks, Brannon.  Great pleasure working with you and hope to again.