We worked with Zack Buckeye right before he competed in the Northern Kentucky bodybuilding competition, where he won his class and the overall.  He is a fitness expert and provides advice on line.  He also is sponsored athlete with a great future in bodybuilding and modeling.  That 42" chest and 29" waist is accurate.  He's a natural in front of the camera, takes direction well and is a really good guy as well.  Enjoy his interview and photos and contact us if you're interested in working with him.  We hope to work with him again, so expect an update.  

Zack's's Vitals:

Height: 5'6", Weight: 170, Chest: 42, Waist: 29, Shoe: 9, Nudes: No


Interview with this Month’s Featured Model:  Zack Buckeye


How did you get into modeling? 

I first began with bodybuilding and wanted to start building my personal brand.

What are your goals in the profession? Do you see it as a full-time occupation or an avocation?

To make some side money as this would be an avocation

If it's an avocation, what are your other career goals?

To become an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and a licensed Civil Engineer.

Looking as good as you do isn't easy. What are your training methods?

Training with high volume, lots of supersets to really emphasize blood flow as well to increase that heart rate. I typically will start with a heavy compound movement and then move on to volume preceding. 

How about diet?

This is everything! If your nutrition is not in check, progress will be minimal! In order to get my physique to this level it comes down to being on a high protein, low sugar diet with healthy fats and complex carbs.

Do you plan to compete in bodybuilding or fitness shows or have you already?

I have already competed in six bodybuilding competitions in which I recently just won the overall at the 2017 NPC Northern Kentucky Grand Prix and then placed third at the 2017 Arnold Amateur. 

How do you kick back and relax?

By hanging out with friends watching sports, cooking or lifting.

How about some favorites?

Singer/Musician or Group: Drake

Actor: Seth Rogan

Actress: Mila Kunis

Movie: Generation Iron

Song: Over – Drake

Book: None

How would you state your most important value in life?

My mom. She is definitely my most important value in life because without her, I would never have gotten to where I have today.

Thanks, Zack.  Great pleasure working with you.