This month we feature Brandon Townsend, an avid trainer and future physique competitor.  Check out his shots and his interview.  He's got a lean and muscular physique and is good in front of the camera.  Hit, Contact Us, if you want to work with Brandon we'll put you in contact.  

Brandon's Vitals:

Height: 5'10", Weight: 163, Chest: 43, Waist: 29, Shoe: 10.5, Nudes: No

Interview with this Month’s Featured Model:  Brandon Townsend

How did you get into modeling?

Started with a company called new view model management group where I attended a few classes for modeling /acting which since has inspired me to chase my dream.

What are your goals in the profession? Do you see it as a full-time occupation or an avocation?

I definitely want to take this some were further maybe land a contract and do a lot of modeling for a company. 

If it's an avocation, what are your other career goals?

I plan on making a career of modeling and even try my hand at acting if possible but in the mean time I am going to attend school for nutrition, personal training, and possibly take some physical therapy courses.

Looking as good as you do isn't easy. What are your training methods and diet?

I absolutely love diet and nutrition!! My diet consists of rice, chicken, broccoli, carrots, egg whites, oatmeal, and some rice cakes to snack on! As you can see I do not completely cut carbs but I do watch my macro nutrients and keep my carb low but not completely gone along with my fat intake is lowered not gone just low and healthy fats.

Do you plan to compete in bodybuilding or fitness shows or have you already?

Yes! I do plan on competing in natural body building competitions a little later due to injuries and having to reset on my training I will take the down time to do a couple bulk-cut-bulk-cut phases to gain some mass but stay somewhat lean!

How do you kick back and relax?

During down time and relaxation I like to play some music either something classical, reggae (such as bob Marley) or even some rap.

How about some favorites?

Singer/Musician or Group:

Country: Brantley Gilbert; Rap:Eminem

Actor: Johnny Depp

Actress:  Shailene Woodley

Movie: Hard one for sure.  Either 8 Mile or Notebook

Song: Currently at this time it would be Russ: Manifest because it has so much heart and soul behind the music.

Book: Night: Elie Wiesel

How would you state your most important value in life?

God, family, self-enlightenment

Thanks, man.  Great working with you.