This month we feature Jontai McQueen. He’s a successful business man and a physique and bodybuilding competitor with a great look. Enjoy his shots and interview and contact us if you’re interested in working with him.

Jontai’s Vitals: Height: 5’11”, Weight: 175, Chest: 44, Waist: 32, Shoe: 13, Nudes: No, Location, KY

Interview with this Month’s Featured Model:  Jontai McQueen

How did you get into modeling?

Modeling was something I enjoyed doing.

What are your goals in the profession? Do you see it as a full-time occupation or an avocation?

It could be a full-time profession if the right opportunities come along.

If it's an avocation, what are your other career goals?

My career goals are to accomplish as many different things as possible.

Looking as good as you do isn't easy. What are your training methods?

My training methods are exercise every single day.  Whatever isn’t sore at the time.

How about diet?

For diet, I eat good quality food every two or three hours.

Do you plan to compete in bodybuilding or fitness shows or have you already?

I have competed in 13 bodybuilding shows already.  I won Mr. Ohio Physique, runner up on Mr. Kentucky Masters Physique, third place pro Mr. Universe.

How do you kick back and relax?

I consider relaxing as being at the gym.

How about some favorites?

Singer/Musician or Group:



Colin Farrell


Jennifer Anniston




Kiss by Ed Sheeran



How would you state your most important value in life?

Most important thing in life would be to enjoy it.  Love everyone and always be the best you can be.  Set your goals so high they seem impossible.