Chris Meadows Featured John Michael Embs, Ray Barnett and Davin Greenwell Coming Soon

March was an amazing month for Musclehead Graphics.  We shot with an incredible new model, John Michael Embs.  He will do his first show in April and will post here soon.  This guy is amazing and is doing both Physique and Bodybuilding at Josh Miller's Kentucky Natural Classic.  We also worked with Davin Greenwell.  We'd shot with him years ago, but saw him again at the Kentucky Muscle last year and recently did an update -- amazing progress.  He'll post next month.  Finally, last weekend we shot with Ray Barnett in St Louis.  Ray was a week out from a show and looked great.  There will be previews of Ray, Davin and John Michael on the Portfolio welcome page soon.  We also were contacted by Underwear News Briefs about posting some shots of MHG models.  Kyle Alexander will lead off and we had a great shoot with him for the posting.  Also, they did a nice feature on Musclehead Graphics.  Here's a link: