Jamie Griffin Featured, Jason Green Coming Soon

We’re really excited to be featuring this month, Jamie Griffin, one of the best, most versatile and most creative models we’ve shot.  He’s in fantastic shape at all times and has an intensity that comes through very clearly in all his shots.  An experienced model, he’s open to projects of all kinds, so contact us, if you’re interested in working with Jamie.  You will not be disappointed.  In the meantime, enjoy reading his interview and seeing some of these amazing pics.  Next month, look for a feature from our first shoot with Jason Green.  New to modeling, this NPC Physique competitor has a fantastic look and a totally amazing physique, even in the off season.  He takes direction well and is looking for opportunities.  Preview images of Jason are on the Portfolio page here.  Right now, we’ve got several promising models in the pipeline, including one of the best bodybuilders we’ve ever seen, so stay tuned.