Jason Green Featured, Patrick Roddy and Zack Buckeye Coming Soon

We're proud to feature Jason Green this month.  He's an outstanding pro qualified physique competitor with an amazing look.  We hope to work with him again and you will enjoy his thoughtful interview.  

March was a great month for Musclehead Graphics.  We shot two amazing competitors in bodybuilder and fitness guru Zack Buckey and classic physique competitor Patrick Roddy.  Patrick made the move from physique to classic physique last year and we shot him backstage at the Kentucky Muscle.  He was in the studio in March and will post soon.  Zack is an amazing bodybuilder and trainer with a huge web presence.  He won the overall at the Northern Kentucky last month and we had the great luck to shoot with him right before that show.  Previews of both these guys are in the Portfolio.  Also in March we had a second shoot with that month's featured model, Jamie Griffin -- fantastic shoot.  We'll be updating his page soon and look for some limited edition fine art prints also coming up in a month or so.

We're excited to be shooting two great competitions in April, Josh Miller's NGA show in Lexington on the 15th and Brent Jones' Derby Festival show in Louisville on the 29th.  If you go, look us up.

That's it for now and thanks for stopping by.